The Nike VaporMax is already out in triple black colorways and we have yet to see an all-white colorway of the VaporMax. Don’t worry, Nike is giving us a rendition of the classic model very soon. We won’t give away too many details of the upcoming release, but the shoe is in a beautiful pure white colorway and features an icy sole with blue tint. Thanks to leaked images of the shoe we have an idea of what to expect on release day.

Rock that all-white when I’m feeling godly. That’s how we can best describe the Nike Air VaporMax in all-white, “godly.” Everything on the shoe comes in all-white including the laces, flywire, the Nike swoosh, the inner liner and the complete flyknit.

Perfectioneerd en getest op meer dan 7 jaar, de Nike Air VaporMax Flyknit Running Shoe van vrouwen, levert innovatie en prestaties zoals u nooit eerder hebt gevoeld. Onnodige lagen van bulk zijn verwijderd, waarbij je voet rechtstreeks op de Max Air-kussing staat voor een luchtig, luchtig gevoel. Lichtgewicht en veerkrachtig, je bent klaar voor actie in deze revolutionaire lopende sneakers.

We have no word on when to expect the sneakers, but appears we won’t be waiting to much longer. Stay tuned as more info emerges on the Nike Air VaporMax in all-white. Check out closer images of the shoe in the gallery below.